SwiftKey X for Tablets and Phones is Now Out of Beta (VIDEO)

Don’t look now, but our friends at SwiftKey have released SwiftKey X, a final, public build of perhaps one of the best keyboards available for both phones and tablets. The keyboard adapts to you, not the other way around, which is one of the best things we enjoy about it.

They’ve also added the awesomely awesome feature that looks at how you type in Gmail, Twitter and Facebook as well as new technology that adapts to where on the keyboard you’re actually typing to provide a very accurate and smooth experience. Long story short, ditch your keyboard and get SwiftKey X. It’s in the Android market now for $2 and is a free upgrade for existing users. [Market]

Swiftkey X (Phone) TouchType Ltd MARKETQR

Swiftkey Tablet X TouchType Ltd MARKETQR

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