Spotify is Officially Available in the United States

The day has finally come, folks – that sweet, sweet music service that was only once available to our friends ‘cross the pond is now available in the United States. I’m talking about Spotify, of course. To start, you’ll need an invitation code to join the service for free, but getting Premium or Unlimited packages will allow you to get started on your own. Here’s a quick breakdown of all three plans:

You should note that free accounts can only listen to 10 hours of music per month. If you’re a heavy listener, you might want to consider ponying up for at least premium service. For us Android folks, anyone who wants to use it on their mobile must pay for the Unlimited plan.
It’s unfortunate, but those are the breaks for a (seemingly) premier music streaming service. We have not had a chance to use Spotify before today, of course, so we can’t say it’s worth it. But if everything we hear is true, it certainly will be. Head over there now to get started. [Spotify]

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