Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro 'slides' through FCC with photos in tow

It looks like Sony Ericsson needs to juice up the invisibility cloak. Not only has the handset maker been pushing a decent number of phones through for Federal approval, it's splayed out most of them for the whole world to see.
The latest device to get the thumbs-up from the feds is the Xperia Mini Pro, which appears to be on track for its promised third-quarter launch. If we don't see a different version of the same phone hit Washington soon, it's more than likely that the 900 / 2100MHz Mini Pro won't see much 3G activity in the US, since we use different frequencies stateside -- though it'll still function as a 2G device when it hops the pond with Europeans on holiday.

We've yet a little while before the QWERTY smartphone comes out to play.

You can check some photos here: Engadget

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