How enable CRT Effect on your Android device (2.2 or better)

First of all I'm not responsible if you kill your phone, you somehow burn your house down while attempting these directions, you somehow manage to injure your cat in the process, look it’s not my fault…

Check what is CRT Effect:

Download APKTOOL

· On Windows, download apktool-windows and apktool.jar

· Extract the file contents in each archive into your Windows folder:

3. Save your framework-res.apk file to a place that you know
I saved mine to: C:\Test\framework-res.apk

4. Open the command prompt
· On Windows, press the Start button, type: cmd, press the Enter button

5. You’ll need to change the directory of your commands to the one where you saved your .apk file

6. Type the “cd” command and then the directory where you saved your file.
· cd C:\Test

7. Now you need to tell apktool to decompile the framework…
· apktool d -f framework-res.apk

8. You should see in your .apk folder a new folder has been created: “framework-res”

9. Inside of that folder you can now see all of the decompiled parts of your .apk

10. Edit res/values/bools.xml

11. Change "true" to "false"

12. When you’re done editing, you’ll need to recompile the .apk
· cd C:\Test

· apktool b -f framework-res

13. Note the inclusion of the “.apk” during decompilation, and the exclusion of the “.apk” during recompilation

14. After you’ve sent the recompile command, apktool will work and eventually create two new folders called “dist” and “build”

15. Inside of the “build” folder will be the recompiled parts of your .apk

16. Open the original .apk file using WinRAR of 7zip

17. Drag and drop the “resources.arsc” file inside of “build/apk” to the root of your original .apk

Now place that modified framework-res.apk in your /system/framework.

You're done!

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Yunus Emre Çiçek disse...

I did but they did not open the system shuts down constantly. My device is Huawei ideos x5.Could you describe in more detail? Sory my english is bad...

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