Foursquare With New Partners

With about 3 million check-ins daily and over 10 million registered users foursquare is considered the most popular check-in service. Earlier today the company announced new partnerships, along with an updated mobile app.
The check-in service is expanding their specials platform to include 'Deals' which are purchased ahead of time.  Touted as being "deep discounts from five amazing companies" the new offering does make the service more enticing.

  • LivingSocial, with their handpicked experiences that you can share with friends, all over the world;
  • Gilt City, which unlocks insider access to the best of your city, like exclusive menus and tickets to sold-out shows;
  • zozi, focusing exclusively on unique experiences and activities like moonlight kayaking, cycling and wine tasting, and shark diving;
  • BuyWithMe, for discovering the best experiences in 13 cities across the U.S.; and,
  • AT&T Interactive (Deal of the Day from YP.com), with over 50% off their daily deals for real life in Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Los Angeles.

  • A totally seamless purchase experience
    If you’re walking around and see a Special you like, a couple taps in your app and you’ll be able to buy it, all without leaving foursquare. And if you find a good Special while browsing on foursquare.com, you can buy it there, too.
  • We help you discover the deals that are right for you
    We now run all Specials through our personalized Explore tab. As a result, you only see Specials that are right for you, and you also seewhy they’re right for you (for instance, if two of your friends have been there).
I browsed through my city and couldn't find anything related to this new offering, but then again I live in a fairly small city.  I am an avid foursquare user and look forward to running across one of these new deals.  If you've got a chance to test it out, leave us a comment and let us know your experience!
Download the updated Android application below

Link Android Market | Link AppBrain

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