EAFT's MagicTile Marathon tablet gets priced, opens up the floodgates of Froyo nostalgia

Hey, remember 2010? Lady Gaga was all over the radio and all the kids were crazy excited about the upcoming Deathly Hallows movie. And then there was Froyo -- it was never designed to be a tablet OS, but manufacturers defiantly went against Google's wishes. EAFT is carrying that torch with theMagicTile Marathon, a 10 inch tablet doesn't look too bad from a hardware perspective, with a Tegra 2 chip, 3G, 1080p video, and an HDMI port. The whole Android 2.2 thing makes the tablet seem downright archaic, however. Interested parties can pick the tablet for Rs. 26,999 (around $607) at launch and Rs. 29,990 (around $675) later. We hear it's great for watching your favorite Charlie Sheen episodes of Two and a Half Men.

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