Confirmed: Samsung Epic 4G Is NOT Shipping With Android 2.3

Yesterday we posted a little something our awesome readers came across on the Sprint website. Apparently, Sprint had the Samsung EPIC 4G listed as shipping with Android 2.3 (and Sprint ID, what?). If you’re an Epic user, you were either confused, excited or angry that Gingerbread was being made available on the device.
If you were a potential Epic user, I know a few that eagerly rushed out that same day to buy one, only to come back with sticky Froyo devices. The guys at Android Central were also able to dispel this mix up after getting in touch with Sprint and verifying that it was indeed, a typo. Shucks.

I’m all about conspiracy theories and I never trust any big corporate companies, so perhaps this is all just a cover up seeing how Gingerbread has been leaking all over for the device. Maybe this “typo” is just another sign that it’s coming soon, right? I’m onto you Sprint (glare).

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