Cognition S2 - One of the best Galaxy S2 Custom 2.3.4 Rom available

This ROM is Based on actual Leaked Beta Android 2.3.4 from Samsung(XXKG1) with some tweaks to make it more faster and stable.
Maybe you will find some problems and if you do you can get help in the Rom Thread at XDA.
Flashable via ClockworkMod Recovery
--/sbin cleanup on boot, and data permissions to fix bootloops and other wacky stuff
custom kernel:
--overclock up to 1.5Ghz (boots stock @ 1.2Ghz)
--clockworkmod recovery
--init.d support
--enabled ThumbEE
--built on recommend toolchain
--changed battery polling rate (1 -> 5min)
--TUN support
--Multi-touch fix
based on I9100XXKG1
rooted / deodexed / zipaligned
sip over wifi and 3g
accurate battery mod
extended power options (no header)
disable battery full notification/vibration
ad blocking via hosts file
htc headset support
no ascending ringtone
tv animation (disables smooth brightness changes)
removed txt/mms/emails from call logs
aosp wifi/data icons
overscroll glow
stay awake dev option
specify default install location
custom launcher layout and wallpaper
enabled hidden wallpapers
removed bootup sounds
removed lots of bloatware (let me know about missing features)
allow calendar week to start on any day
updated system apps
lag free browser
hacked camera (by Potatoman, silent edition)

Cognition S2 v1.13 Changelog: (7/14/2011)
No data wipe (single download, full rom, wipe data via recovery options if needed)
Dalvik-cache cleared on flash
No more update versions (they either work great, or destroy everything!)
--Fixed Battery Drain (Not everyone was experiencing this, but I was able to reproduce it)
Fixed Flash Player
Camera is totally silent again!
Removed Google Video (install as needed, video rentals not available outside of USA)
Removed Google Books (extra weight, if you read books you probably have this )

Installation Instructions:
I highly recommend flashing the full rom! (updates can be unpredictable)
(If you have problems with the update version, flash the full rom instead)
Download the rom zip from below (don't rename it!)
Put the downloaded zip file on your internal sdcard
Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery (don't do this from rom manager, it won't work)
Select Install zip from sdcard
Select Browse for zip on sdcard
Select the zip file you put on your sdcard above
(Let it flash)
Reboot, Enjoy!

Battery Saving Tips:Disable Fast Dormancy:
1: Dial *#9900#
2: Press Disable Fast Dormancy
3: Press Exit
Disable Samsung App Notifications:
Settings > Applications > Samsung Apps
Tick Off

Download:Updates are for previous version only!

SetCPU (for overclocking)

Add-On Packs:
Removed Widgets:

Removed SNS/Premium Mail Services:

Removed Voice Services:

Removed Apps:
(copy apk's /system/app, don't try to install them normally, it won't work)

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