As 10 Million User Milestone Is Reached, Google+ App Updated with New Stream Filtering Options, Huddle Tweaks

Google+ is merely a week old, but its quickly growing into a social networking behemoth with over 10 million users registered in less than two weeks, according to Google big wig Larry Page. Many of those users who access Google+ via their Android smartphones should be happy to know that the mobile app has just been updated with some pretty major tweaks and additions.

For starters, your stream can now be filtered in the same way as the desktop site. You can now choose the circle you want to view and cut out excess chatter, seeing only the shared items you’re looking for. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The update has brought some major improvements to group huddles. You can now set permissions for who can initiate a huddle with you, dismiss huddle invitations, and add multiple people or entire circles to group chat.

This is all on top bug fixes, performance enhancements, and the ability to set a photo as your wallpaper.
In other news, iOS users are still playing the waiting game to even get their first taste of a native mobile app for Google+. Guess it pays to be on the right side of the world’s latest social networking craze.
Android Market Link: Google+

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