Android Activations at 550,000 per Day as Google Hauls in $2.51 Billion in Net Income

Google’s Larry Page met with investors today to discuss Google’s Q2 earnings, reporting a whopping $9.02 in revenue and $2.51 billion in net income, up from $1.84 billion for the same period last year.
While those figures are quite astounding alone, Page also dropped a the latest Android activations number. The platform now sees 550,000 handsets activated per day. That’s up from the 500,000 activations per day Andy Rubin alerted us to just a little over two weeks ago. The figure was only 350,000 during Q1, and rewinding the tape a whole year only 160,000 Android activations occurred every day. As for apps, the Android Market with its 250,000 applications has now seen its 6 billionth download. Pretty astonishing growth, indeed.

According to a recent tweet by Andy Rubin, Android device activations now exceed 500,000 per day. That’s an increase of at least 100,000 handsets and tablets each day since the last tally of 400,000 was given in May at Google I/O. That isn’t too big of a surprise after taking into account that the figure is growing by 4.4 percent week over week, according to Rubin. The new stats continue a trend that has seen Android explode in popularity from virtual non-contender to leader of the smartphone pack in a span of less than two years.
The huge success of Android must bring a great sense of satisfaction to Andy Rubin. His work on Android started long before Google bought up the fledgling mobile OS and gave it the backing it needed to create a global phenomenon. More recently, Rubin’s efforts leading up the Android team resulted in a promotion to senior vice president at Google.

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