Finally we have MIUI on Galaxy S2... alpha stage (Video)

It as begun!

This is a port of Miui for my beloved Galaxy S2, and as an Miui user on Galaxy S, i can't wait a daily use version...

The work as beeing done by bmarko82 on Xda-Developers, but i hope to see in a near future an Official Version from Miui!

WARNING!!! This is in alpha stage, dont expect a fully functional ROM at the moment!

What is working:
- rom boots up
- screen
- hardware keys
- internal storage, SD-card

Not Working:
- bootlogo
- phone
- wifi, bluetooth, mobile data connection
- sound and more...

Download: MIUI-Test.zip

Install instructions:
- Reboot to CWM ( i tested it with
- wipe /data, /system, /cache, and Dalvik cache
- install zip from SD-card, select MIUI-test.zip

Thanks to the following people:
teamhacksung team: atin, codeworkx, coolya, guiperpt, unhelpful without their work MIUI on SGS2 is simply not possible
Mark (markhuk) and MIUI Android Developers

Once you go Mac, you never go back!

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