[ROM] MIUI 2.3.3 for Galaxy S

What is MIUI?
MIUI is an Android ROM extremely popular with ROM fans. It is based on Android 2.3, bringing about overall optimization with better experience and richer themes. MIUI team will improve it in light of users’ suggestions and provide OTA update every Friday.

Core Features
Two-layer mode of shortcuts and program icons are integrated into one-layer desktop mode.
Long press the screen to enter edit mode, open Widgets and you may drag icons to add widgets.
If you want to uninstall a program, drag it to the top of the trash box.
Eight kinds of flipping screens effects are available with gorgeous animations.
2. T9 dialer
T9 dialer is applied for smart dialing. It supports searching by contact name and phone number, and the results are listed according to contact frequency.
The default setting is to forbid any third-party app to monitor users’ calls.
Currently, there are 230301 attribution logs. The attribution data will be updated continuously, abroad country codes are supported as well.
3. SMS
Compared with the native Android system, 7 major optimizations of SMS are made:
You may add contacts in short messages;
You may add names in group sending messages and the system can automatically add the names as contacts;
Easier to get numbers, urls and email addresses from short messages;
Optimization of mobile newspaper reading experience;
Collection of important messages;
Recommended messages for holidays;
Quick reply and view window.
4. Contacts
Quick location of contacts;
Faster to add new contacts;
Contacts group management is supported;
Callers’ large images can be set in Contacts.
5. Themes
The third edition UI loading engine makes it faster and easier to change themes;
Partial theme customs are more flexible and comprehensive. Rich online wallpapers, ringtones, fonts and so on are available.
6. Camera
The loading speed is optimized. Superfast to start, you may shoot as soon as possible.
More professional modes such as continuous shooting, timing, special effects and so on are supported as well.
7. Gallery
Faster picture browsing speed than that of the native Android system;
Brand new view mode supports to view the pictures by folder path.
8. Music
You may enjoy massive online music and download them at the same time. The song lists live playing and bulk downloads are supported as well;
It can automatically connect local lyrics with album covers and supports to edit ID3 information;
You may change songs by swinging the phone. Sleep mode is also supported.
9. Notifications
After pulling Notices and Toggles panel down, you may slide the screen to change panels.
10. MIUI apps
MIUI Net disk, file manager, traffic monitoring, backup, notes, and torch.


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