T-Mobile Announces Vibrant 4G, Coming This Month

T-Mobile Announces Vibrant 4G, Coming This Month: "

Well, it's probably not the most popular decision, but Tmo and Samsung officially announced the Vibrant 4G. As expected, it's more or less exactly like the original Vibrant, with Froyo, an HSPA+ radio, front-facing camera, and T-Mobile TV. There's no official date or pricing, but we do know it'll be available in February, so we expect to see it within the next few weeks. In the press release, Tmobile touts their 4G speeds until they can't tout them anymore. Tmo also announced that they've launched HSPA+ in 8 new cities, including Chattanooga, TN, and Rochester, MN.

There's not much to say on this one. It follows the whole Vibrant-Froyo fiasco from a few weeks ago. But since we first got word of this device, hell hath frozen over, as the original Vibrant got its precious Froyo. Anyone going to pick one of these up when it launches? Anyone going to buy one just to throw it on the ground and spit in Samsung's face? Sound off in the comments! You can check out the full press release below.

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