A (literally) Flexible Android Device? [CONCEPTS]

A (literally) Flexible Android Device? [CONCEPTS]:

There can never be too many concept devices, it seems. This morning, our attention was pointed to a tablet device that could flex and bend in any direction. Whacky? Yes. Impossible? Nope. And imagine if something like this were running Android.

Imagine turning a 10-inch slate into a netbook by bending the top portion of it upward and using the bottom portion of the display as a keyboard. Now bend it the other way and use the sides of its own body to keep it upright – visualizing a clock or a self-formed dock?

And flexible displays aren’t the least bit out of the ordinary – folks have been working on that for a long time, now. Start here for an idea of just how many firms are turning that once-conceptualized idea into reality.

In this design, hardware components would likely be placed within the bezel surrounding the display, which – for “bendability” purposes – would need to be a soft mesh or fabric material as you see in the picture below.

Nothing I expect to come out within the next few years, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that several research and development firms are trying to shop ideas to OEMs as I type. [via Design Blog]

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