Organizar a sua biblioteca do iTunes

A LairWare Software lançou o Song Sergeant uma ferramenta poderosa mas fácil de usar para detectar falhas na sua biblioteca do iTunes, tais como, músicas duplicadas, nome do mesmo artista/Albuns/Músicas escritos de forma diferente.
"We've noticed how most iTunes users (and iPod owners) have the same band, album, or song listed multiple times in their libraries, because of duplicate songs files or inconsistently named artists and albums," , "These problems and others can be difficult to find and annoying to fix manually, so we came up with a solution to intelligently fix potentially thousands of issues in one's music library with minimal effort." diz Leon McNeill, LairWare's CEO.
Song Sergeant 1.0 está disponível para compra desde hoje pelo preço de $20 (14,00€)

Once you go Mac, you never go back!

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